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NCA Picnic 8/18/19

Ann found a great new shelter at Platte River State Park. We were lucky enough to have good weather, lots of friends, and of course more food than we could eat. Thanks Ann!

Geezer Grand Getaway 6/6/19-6/9/19

NCA Social 5/22/19

54 members enjoyed Round the Bend Steakhouse with Lorene, Tom, Elaine, and Kathy winning prize drawings.

April Social 4/24/19

34 members enjoyed the good times and good food at Bailey’s, with Pam F., Bob M., Rick O., and Rich F. winning the drawing

March Social 3/27/19

36 members attended the social at Red Fox Restaurant.  Drawing winners were Rich F, Luana W, Kent P, and  Cate V. 

NCA Social 2/27/19

15 members maid it out to the Fox Bar and Grill.


NCA in Arizona 2/26/19

January Social at Big Red Restaurant 1/23/19

31 members enjoyed good food, drink and friends and the 4 lucky winners of $10 Big Red gift cards were Ron, Laura, John, and Tina